National Quit Repeating Yourself Day

is a day designed to remind entrepreneurs, business
owners and busy professionals to do something that will
make your lives just a little better than yesterday. It is a
day to do something as if it is the last time you are ever
going to do it. Stop doing the wrong things so you can
focus on your best work!


Each year we will offer one
strategy you can use to improve
your processes to reduce stress,
overwhelm and burnout. 


Too many of us are focused on the
wrong things and this is a catalysts
of many challenges that you simply
don't need to overcome.

How To Create
A Workflow

Presented By Bottleneck Distant Assistants


In honor of National Quit Repeating Yourself Day, we wanted to share with you how to
create a workflow just like the professionals do. So, on behalf of Jovelyn Habungan, Success Manager at Bottleneck Distant Assistants, we invite you to follow along as she provides you with this same video overview all of our trained distant assistants go through.

The entire team at Bottleneck use this exact training to document their systems and processes. (note: Jovelyn built this overview especially for our distant assistant training, so if you have administrative support members on your team, this will be incredibly helpful for them to go through this course).

By the way, this is totally free. No email, no nothing... this is 100% value. We designed this specifically to help you stop doing the wrong things so you can focus on your doing best work. Just click on the link below: