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If You Don’t Believe In Your Vision 100 Percent...

Why In The World Would Anyone Else Believe It?

Jaime Jay, The Author, CEO Of Bottleneck Distant Assistants.

Hi I'm Jaime Jay

Jaime Jay is the founder and shareholder for Bottleneck Distant Assistants. Founded in 2016, Bottleneck is an outsourcing agency that assists leaders in cultivating and identifying remote-based dedicated distant assistants. After a twelve-year career in corporate America, Jay studied Business Administration and Management at Florida Institute of Technology and ventured out on his own as an entrepreneur in 2006.

Path 9216
You are going to need passion because you will have
to heavily lean on it to pull you through all the
that are coming your way.
- Jaime Jay
Path 9216

Jaime is a big-hearted, big bearded, hardworking, smart, courageous man. A proud US veteran, living in Springfield, Missouri. Jaime is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.

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In Quit Repeating Yourself

In Quit Repeating Yourself, author Jaime Jay shares how he built a seven-figure business by focusing on the power of creating systems and processes so he could stop doing the wrong things and focus on doing his best work.

After other business professionals kept asking him to explain what he was doing differently, Jay compiled his best strategies and systems, hoping readers learn from his successes and his mistakes. Through personal stories and professional examples, he teaches leaders how to build a strong company foundation using small and actionable steps.